The Silent Epidemic of Cracked Teeth

Healthy  Smiles by Rita Tempel, DDS


A cracked tooth in need of a crown

Did you know that cracked teeth are to blame for the third-leading cause of tooth loss?  Cracked teeth are considered a silent epidemic because we often observe these cracks before symptoms begin. In other words, cracked teeth are “silent” until the fracture worsens.

Why do teeth develop cracks? Although there are many reasons, here is one common scenario: A patient may have had a large filling placed in a tooth years ago. This large filling placed because of a large cavity—although necessary—will weaken the remaining tooth structure. This tooth is at risk for developing a crack, simply from Continue reading


Smiling with Confidence


Healthy Smiles By Rita Tempel, DDS – This article was published in the Gettysburg Times, September 15, 2016

Let’s think for a moment about what a smile is: an expression of happiness. Being happy works hand-in-hand with health; so that when you’re healthy, you’re happy, and vice versa. Your smile is actually a glimpse of your overall health and psyche. That feeling of well-being and confidence is reflected in your smile!

Studies on smiles have revealed amazing, fascinating research behind the power of our smiles.  For example, when you smile, studies show that your body produces chemicals called endorphins. This endorphin rush triggers positive feelings and reduces stress and pain. Try smiling right now to experience it!

Smiling is also “contagious.” Studies have shown that the simple act of smiling at Continue reading

Getting Back to Basics

800px-ToothbrushesHealthy Smiles By Rita Tempel, DDS – This article was published in The Gettysburg Times, August 17, 2016

How much time do you spend brushing your teeth? (Be honest!) See how your answer compares with American statistics:

Nearly seven out of 10 Americans say they brush their teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and again at bedtime. The other 30 percent confess they brush less frequently—once a day or less. This is according to a study provided to the American Dental Association. Your brushing habits are the very foundation of your dental health.

Many patients, especially those experiencing numerous cavities, tell me they have “soft teeth.” While some people have enamel abnormalities and are prone to decay, the Continue reading